7 Reasons To Join A Training Program

7 Reasons To Join A Training Program
by Eddie Suarez



Joining a training program will introduce you to others who have the same goal. You’re all aiming to complete a half or full marathon and you will spend lots of time together. The bonds you create with your training group while you complete the miles will last forever. Plus sharing in the experience adds another facet to the relationship that a non-runner wouldn’t understand. The experiences may not be funny at the time but you’ll get a good laugh later during post-run brunch. (See Below).


Shared Experience

It’s been said that misery loves company. Completing the long runs through Miami’s humidity with your training group makes for great stories later. We may have suffered through that one 20 miler where all of the water coolers were dry but what a great laugh we have now thinking of what we must have looked like outside of the Fresh Market pouring water over our heads and stuffing ice down our shirts. Sharing in this experience made that run into a positive memory.


Group Therapy

Why pay a psychologist $400 an hour when you can get both your run and therapy simultaneously? It’s obviously not the same of you need professional help but try bouncing your issues, thoughts, troubles, off your training partners and you may have some clarity. You’d be surprised how many of the world’s problems can be solved when the endorphins and dopamine kick in.



What’s better than rewarding yourself with a delicious brunch after a long run? That is if you don’t count a delicious dinner? You just ran 10 miles. Have Two!



It’s easier to talk yourself out of a run when no one is expecting your to show up. Joining a training program makes you accountable to others. The group needs everyone’s energy to complete the run and a no show will create a disturbance in the Force. Plus you’re going to miss that week’s gossip!


Leadership from Veteran Runners

You can read thousands of articles about running but wouldn’t it be better to acquire that knowledge first hand while knocking out the miles? Run alongside veteran runners and they’ll share all of their knowledge with you.


Built in Fan Club

Training with a group automatically gains you an advantage over the solo runners when it comes to race day. You have a built in MOBILE cheering section. Your biggest fans will be rooting for you while you knock out the miles. Plus, their friends and family will be lined up along the course exponentially increasing your number of fanatics.

Can you think of any more?


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