Life Changing Programs

Life Changing Programs

Find out what these 7 people did to reduce stress, boost endorphins, improve self-confidence, and alleviate anxiety.

The people below were regular people until they committed to training with TeamFootWorks to complete a half or full marathon. Some never ran a day in their lives. Sound familiar? Don’t be intimated. You can do it too.  Not only will you accomplish something few people have, but you’ll also build lifelong friendships. Plus the fun you’ll have is immeasurable.

The truth is that sometimes you just don’t know what direction life is going to take you. I started running in early 2006 to train for the Army Reserve boot camp, and somehow I got hooked. Someone at work had told me about the Footworks Half Marathon training program so I signed up…and then it happened! It was late 2006 while stretching after a run in front of the store when I met the most beautiful woman my eyes had ever seen. Our first conversation was brief and casual, and then came the “Race for the Cure”, where we really hit it off. I have great memories of those times: The mid week runs, the Saturday long run, the sessions at South Miami Hospital, track workouts at UM, post run breakfast at Bagel Emporium or Green Street, the excitement of the first races and the PR’s…I never thought my running partner would become my partner in life, and I never made it to boot camp. It’s been 7 years since my wife Jessica and I met in front of Footworks and we’ve been inseparable. We’ve been blessed every step of the way, we continue to run and we share an amazing journey… – Pierre Sierralta

It has been my pleasure to have been involved with the Footworks training programs since 1998, the last 10 years or so as a group leader in the Half Marathon training program. Thanks to these programs I have completed 4 full marathons and 38 half marathons. The biggest reward for me is the friendships I have developed with countless numbers of other runners, particularly those who had never attempted distance running but wanted to do something to improve their lives. These programs do that and more. Josh and the other FootWorks folks involved with the programs are organized and ALWAYS prepared for every training run. The FootWorks party after the Miami Marathon and Half Marathon is indeed legendary. I highly recommend the FootWorks training programs. Best wishes, – Rex Colburn

I was not an athletic teenager. One day I received an email at work regarding training for the Miami Marathon with Footworks. Their program seemed to have all the tools to make me cross the finish line and I signed up. On the first run it seemed like a bigger bite than I could chew but without a thought I kept running. Footworks supported me with group leaders that took an interest in my success and my health. They gave me advise every week and showed me the way like a parent takes his child. I love my Footworks family. They always cheer me up and care about my running safety. The day of my first Half Marathon I met at the Footworks tent at the beginning of the morning and celebrated there after crossing the finish line. I couldn’t have done it without Footworks !!! I love them – Tania Castellanos

I began training with Team FootWorks for my first Half Marathon two years ago. I still participate in the trainings. The director Josh Liebman is an inspiration, having completed 100 marathons. The team leaders are knowledgeable, focused and keep us on task. The camaraderie is phenomenal. I’ve made new friends from different walks of life. The health, nutrition and sports seminars have been an added bonus to help me stay healthy. I highly recommend Team FootWorks training.  – Carlos Martinez

I have always admired runners, mistakenly thinking they were “819146_10151305195766553_228006057_onaturals” and resigning myself to the idea that I wasn’t one. Eight months after I saw my husband finish his first marathon after he trained alone, we were at a Footworks information session. I was full of doubt, still thinking I wasn’t a runner and that this wasn’t for me; that maybe my husband could train with Footworks since he was the real runner. However, the encouraging words I heard not only from him, but from Eddie, Josh, and Laurie made me question those doubts. Josh also mentioned the brunch waiting for us at the finish line of the ING marathon and half. I signed up for the training program right away! Silly me thought this was just plan for weekly mileage, a pace group, and training tips but that was just the tip of the iceberg. Footworks is full of warm, caring people who want to share how amazing running is. As the training runs got longer, I learned with what the Footworks training program is really about. It’s about eliminating self-doubt, and what that does for you not only as a runner, but as a person. It’s about the sense of accomplishment, the health benefits, the stress relief, the elation you feel after finishing a training run or a race, and the joy that this invites into your life. But what was unexpected for me, were the friendships we made at Footworks. I never thought of running as a team sport, but that’s exactly what it is. The encouragement you give and receive is astounding. It makes you want to sign up for all the races! You’ll get to know your running buddies better on those long runs than you know people you have worked with for years. So ask yourself, do you want happiness, positive life changes, and general awesomeness in your life? Do you want brunch? If the answers are yes, sign up for the Footworks training program. You won’t regret it. We love Footworks!!! – Irene & Ray Palomo

Five years ago I joined the FootWorks training program to prepare for my first marathon. What a great experience! I met great people, including the vice mayor of South Miami, became a better runner, and running became an important part of my life. The program is extremely well organized, and there is tremendous comradery amongst the runners. It is an excellent start to the weekend, something I really looked forward to during the week. Now, five years later I am still training with Foot Works and have run 17 marathons. I qualified, and ran in the Boston Marathon this year ( an extra 10 minutes to qualify in my new age group certainly helped). Foot Works training program works!! Runner for life – Michael Meister

Footworks has changed my life for ever. It’s been 5 yrs since I started training w/ teamfootforks & was best thing I ever did for myself. They have great training programs both half & full marathons, where you will meet & make new friends for life. They treat you as family & take good care of all of us to ensure we have the best training experience which leads us to reach our goals. Can’t wait for next marathon training… – Ileana Leon

With a little help and coaching these people saw inspiring results, not only in losing weight and attaining their fitness goals, but in changing their lives for the future as well. Click below to learn more about our life changing training programs.

  Life Changing Programs

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