Spring Half-Marathon

Spring Half-Marathon
R E G I S T E R   N O W P R I N T A B L E   A P P

You CAN do this!! Join our TeamFootWorks Spring Half-Marathon Training Group for a memorable experience that will change your life and how you view your health & fitness. The health benefits of running and becoming involved in a training program like this is not just something you will do – it has the potential to completely change your life for the better!!

Spring Training:
Looking for motivation to keep you running or walking through the Spring and into Summer? TeamFootWorks Spring Half-Marathon Training Program will do just that! Starting February 22nd, this 17 week program will train you to complete 13.1 miles. It doesn’t matter if you walk or run, the goal is fitness!

Half-Marathon Training Program:
Use this 17-week program to complete a half-marathon without injury. You’ll slip into fitness without knowing it. A study of those who used this program found that participants had continued the positive lifestyle habits 6 months afterwards.


  • Leadership by Josh Liebman
  • Team running singlet and official training program
  • 15% discount at FootWorks the completion of the program
  • Training with a pace group that is right for your needs!
  • Measured & marked running courses with water and Hydralyte Sports Drink stations every 2-3 miles
  • Clinics on running equipment, strength training & stretching, nutrition & weight management and more



The Weekend Group Run – Your Own Training Team:
The secret training ingredient is the LONG RUN!! This is done each Saturday morning with your training team. Our training teams are lead by veteran runners, who are there to help YOU succeed! Running is hard enough – doing long runs alone can often be dull and can last forever. You will be amazed how quickly the time and the miles melt away each Saturday running with your training team. The early morning energy is contagious and the friendships you develop will be well worth the early weekend alarm clock!!


Perfect Partnership with South Miami Hospital:
Our Saturday training runs start from the South Miami Hospital’s Adult Education Center at 7401 SW 62nd Avenue in South Miami. Thanks to the gracious hospitality of the South Miami Hospital, we are able to offer our runners:

  • covered parking
  • indoor bathroom and changing facilities
  • classrooms for group stretching and speakers after the training run
  • Occasionally, other runs will start at other locations in the Miami area including Key *Biscayne and Miami Beach.

Post-Run Clinics:
Following selected weekend runs, there will be team clinics on running techniques, nutrition, stretching and footwear. You will learn about all the components of having a great marathon experience and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Weekly Runs:
While the long runs develop your confidence and ability to finish the long run, it is the weekly running (recommended 2x per week) and cross-training that will take you to another level of health and fitness. In addition to the weekly Saturday long runs, FootWorks hosts mid-week runs to help keep your training on schedule.
All runners are welcome to join us every Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:30pm at the FootWorks in South Miami or at 7pm at FootWorks in South Beach.

The TeamFootWorks Half-Marathon
All of this training won’t go to waste. We will stage a half-marathon right here in our own backyard at the end of the program. You’ll be able to complete the 13.1 miles and cross the finish line just as you would at a real race.

R E G I S T E R   N O W P R I N T A B L E   A P P

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