Simple Tips for an Active Lifestyle

Simple Tips for an Active Lifestyle

There’s no need to become a sports buff or to religiously go to the gym to workout in order to have an active lifestyle. Being active means being on the go, keeping yourself moving, wherever you are and whatever you do. Physical activity comes in many forms and here are some tips to help you start this new and healthy lifestyle.

Stop staring at your computer/TV all day, get off the couch, and work your flab off.

Of course, it’s not your fault that you work a desk job and you have to sit in front of your computer the whole 8-hour shift. But a little walking around after lunch break, or to get files from the next table, or to have a small chat with an officemate can do the trick. Stop rolling off on your office chair to go from one place to another, not only do you look pathetic but all the fats in your body will stay stuck in your waist and buttocks if you keep on doing that.

If you’re at home working as a professional bum, then why don’t you try doing other more physical activities which are equally entertaining.

Walk the dog, water the plants, and clean the house.

Who says household chores are all that? Merely standing upright can increase the number of calories you burn, what more if you’re walking around and moving your body to do household work? Not only do you become productive, you also get the bonus benefit of being fit.

Take the stairs, skip the elevator.

Time and time again, this has been said, if your destination is just a few floors away, skip the elevator and sweat it a little bit out. Using the stairs will increase your cardiovascular endurance, improve muscle strength, and burn some of those unwanted calories.

Leave your car and walk or ride the bike to the supermarket.

The same thing applies to horizontal mobility. When your destination is a few blocks away, it is wiser to walk or to use your bike from one place to another. Not only do you save on gas, you also snatch a few minutes of exercise.

Dance to your favorite song.

Dancing is a form of aerobic fitness exercise. Shed that extra pounds by dancing to your favorite tune when you hear it on the radio or listen to it on your music player. Make it more active by dancing while doing other activities like sweeping the floor or cleaning the windows.

Play with kids.

If you have kids, then by all means, run, catch a ball, or go hiking with them. If none, you can do this with your friends, who are kids at heart. Not only will you enjoy quality time with them but it will be some sort of alternative exercise for all.

You see, you don’t have to sweat it out to have an active lifestyle. Simple things such as those mentioned above go a long way. You can also have fun while working your way towards fitness and health.

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