Reasons to Participate in a Virtual Race

Perhaps you’ve thought a participating in one of the virtual races but you’re still on the fence. With several upcoming holiday-themed virtual 5Ks, let’s explore a few good reasons to consider a virtual race.

Perhaps the most obvious perk is being free to complete the race on your own terms. That means you can hop on a treadmill, visit your local park, run laps in your yard, however you prefer to go about it. Best of all, you can do it at whatever time you like.

In addition, a virtual race may also promote a sense of belonging for fellow athletes. In the middle of a pandemic, it will help to foster partnerships, encourage potential training partners and generate inspiration for other athletes to advance their sporting ambitions by running virtual races and communicating with other athletes who have completed the same virtual experience.

Finally, competing in simulated races will help to advance the fitness standards of athletes as races commence again. A potential competition which they have circled on the calendar motivates many athletes. Virtual races before in-person races start back up again are a perfect way to fill the void. Competitors who would like to run a marathon in the following year, for example, will benefit from a simulated 5K or 10K to advance their pace before increasing their marathon distance.

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