A Training Program For Everyone

Join the premier half and full marathon training program in South Florida! Our training programs target the everyday person who wants to complete a half or full marathon or improve over a previous performance. With TeamFootWorks, you CAN DO IT!! If you’re looking for a more challenging program geared towards the competitive runner, then our Advanced Training Program is for you.

The Magical 1-Minute Walk Break

The secret ingredient is intervals. With interval training, the miles are divided into short manageable segments where you’ll run for just 2 to 5 minutes. After each segment, a 1 minute walk break awaits! This break allows you to recover, catch your breath, hydrate, and regroup while you prepare for the next segment. With interval training, you’re not running 13.1 miles but rather for just the next segment.

Train Just 3 Days

marathon2Our programs consist of 3 training days and one optional day. The Saturday long run or walk is the key to your success. Pace groups are led by 2-3 veteran runners. You will be amazed how quickly the time and miles melt away running or walking with your training team. The energy is contagious and the friendships you develop will be well worth the early wake up calls!!


Choose Your Pace, You Can Walk Too

Each of our training programs start with a brief orientation and a 30 minute run/walk. We offer several different pace groups for people of every ability and speed. Our Half Programs even include a group for WALKERS! We aim to finish our Saturday long runs/walks by 8:00am giving you the rest of the day to relish in your accomplishment with your family.

marathon1The Long Run

Long runs are essential in any endurance training program. The long runs or walks will be done on Saturdays with your training team. You will be amazed how quickly the time and miles melt away running or walking with your training team. The energy is contagious and the friendships you develop will be well worth the early wake up calls!!

Most of the long runs will start from the FootWorks Running store in South Miami, 5724 Sunset Dr.

  • Free curbside parking until 9am.
  • Indoor bathrooms
  • Stockroom to keep your belongings
Team FootWorks at UPS5K 2018

Weekly Runs

While the long runs and walks develop your ability to go the distance, it is the weekly running and cross-training that will take you to another level of health and fitness. During the week you are responsible for two short runs or walks of no more than 60 minutes. FootWorks South Miami hosts our weekly fun runs on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:30pm to keep your training on schedule.

Target Races

The Spring Half Marathon training program prepares participants for a destination race. In 2017, the team traveled to Central Florida to participate in the Echo Half Marathon. Some members took on the DAYLIGHT TO TWILIGHT CHALLENGE, running the Echo Half in the morning and the South Miami Hospital Twilight 5K in the evening. Unfortunately the Echo Half race is no longer around leaving us to find another event. In the meantime, we’ll setup and complete the TFW Faux Half right here in Miami. Entry to the Faux Half will be included in the training program. The Spring Program begins in February.

The Summer Half Training Program trains participants for the October Miami Beach Halloween Half Marathon. This event marries Halloween, costume themes, and a running event! Each year features a different traditional Halloween character and unique finisher medal. Participants can run in costume and compete in the several categories like fastest superhero, fastest monster, et al. TeamFootWorks is always the best dressed, picking a theme for our costumes like Three Ring Circus, Mad Tea Party, and Super Heroes. The Summer Program begins in July.

Our Fall Training program is our largest with over 6oo participants aiming to complete the January Miami Half or Full Marathon. Run your hometown and get a unique Spinning Palm Medal when you cross the finish line. Then come to the TeamFootWorks Hospitality Village at Bayfront Park to enjoy massages, mimosas, omelettes, and more! Participants training for the Miami Full Marathon will start in August while those training for the Miami Half Marathon starts in October.

Program Highlights

  • 15-Weeks of training for Half Programs / 24 for the Full
  • Leadership by 100-time marathoner Josh Liebman
  • Technical running shirt and official training program
  • 15% discount at FootWorks (discount starts when you register and ends at completion of the program)
  • Training with a pace group that is right for your needs!
  • Measured & marked running courses with water and Vitalyte Sports Drink stations every 2-3 miles
  • TeamFootWorks Fitness News Emails
  • Clinics on proper shoes, apparel, strength training, stretching, nutrition, and more
  • Entry to the TeamFootWorks VIP Hospitality Village at the Miami Marathon
  • Does NOT include or guarantee entry into the target race



2020 Spring Half
Feb 29 to May 30

2020 Halloween Half
July 11 to Oct 24

2020/21 Miami Full
Aug 29 to Jan 31

2020/21 Miami Half
Sept 26 to Jan 31


2020/21 Spring Full Annual Pass
Spring, Halloween, Miami Full

2020/21 Spring Half Annual Pass
Spring, Halloween, Miami Half


For the athletes looking to become more competitive, check out our Advanced Training Program.

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