Medal Monday

Medal Monday

The day after the Miami Half and Full Marathon many of our program participants – and others in the community were wearing their medals – posting on Facebook sharing with friends all over the world. We were so proud to have many of you in our training programs – and basque in your glory! I just want you to know that myself and our crew were probably just as or more worn-out as you runners and may have felt almost as accomplished

Back in the day late 70’s and early 80’s Hans and I were running marathons – his best 2:49:49 and my 3:43. It seems like a past life. It has been a long road to get to where we are today! Running/Walking has given my family so much! Besides our livelihood (meaning paychecks), I have the best friendships that will last a lifetime.

At the Hans Huseby Memorial Run on Thanksgiving Day 2016, When I made an announcement that my whole family was in town – and thats 14 of us!! Pedro, one of our newer runners said – “Your family is a lot bigger than 14!” TeamFootWorks has rewarded myself and my family in so many ways and for this I am very grateful. Thats my medal

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