It’s All About That Bounce

It’s All About That Bounce

by Tara Arismendy

You’re out there. I see you. Bouncing along on your run or box jumping your way into pain and discomfort. STOP! Don’t do it anymore. You have to stop thinking about your bra as just a bra. It is no longer that. You must think of it as a tool or a piece of equipment. Your bra should be cycled through like your shoes. You will need at least three good bras: one for wearing, one washing, and one drying in your shower.

Sure you can run over to Target and pick up a cheap bra that fits ok but “it’s a cute color” right? You’ll just wear another bra with it when you really want to run and it will be fine. NO NO NO! If you are wearing two bras to run then you have over paid for two cheap bras! Not to mention the pain and permanent sagging. You’re better off paying for ONE good quality bra.

Let’s break it down

Fit: Cup size-make sure you’re not popping out of the top or sides, which is a sign of it being too small. Also make sure that the material is not puckering which can be caused by the bra being too large. You want it to be secure around the rib cage. Having the option of the clasp makes the difference when getting the fit right. Keep in mind that not all bras have to go over the head.

Support: There are two main types of bras, compression and encapsulation. Compression will press the breast down against the body making for limited bounce. This is also known as The Uniboob. Encapsulation will have two separate cups that will give you two breasts and press them down to minimize bounce. Both are very good and with the higher end bras worth every penny.

Performance: Buy a bra for each of your sports and have different bras for that sport (High impact, mid impact and low impact). Don’t wear your $20.00 cute and strappy Target bra to run in. You will have to double up on your bras. Not only are you not wearing the proper bra, which may cause damage to the skin and tissue but you are paying too much for what it’s worth.

This is how to use three high quality bras when following the three bra rule. One bra is high impact and is worn one on your running days. Now you can wear any (high quality) bra at least twice before it needs washing that way you can run twice a week and have your bra ready to go. The second bra can be mid impact and worn on your training day. Then your low impact bra is worn for Yoga.

Comfort: This is the most important because it can make or break the sport you are in. If you are not comfortable it can cause you to think bad of the sport and/or preform in a negative way. You don’t want to hate a sport just because you are not equipped for it. Straps and clasps make fitting the bra to your body more comfortable so use them.

So what’s a girl to do? Women’s apparel companies, like Moving Comfort, occasionally team up with your local specialty running stores to offer fittings on specific nights. Check with your favorite running store to see if there’s an upcoming “Bra Night”. Their professionally trained staff that can find the right fit for you.

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