Improve the Pace by Reducing Distance

Improve the Pace by Reducing Distance

The mile continues to be the benchmark most runners use to gauge their performance. If you’ve been attempting to shave off those precious few seconds from your 5K run time, for example, you may want to tweak your running strategy a bit. Consider running faster for a shorter distance and you may find it will boost your long term performance.

With training, it’s important not to necessarily stick to the same routine, especially if you find you’ve plateaued. It’s not uncommon to fall into the pattern of running the same distance and the same pace. What you want to do is pay closer attention to your technique. The body will seek to achieve an optimum way to handle the demands of a regular 5K or 10K run. Form enhancements also benefit from the moves, accelerations, and quick finishes that comprise training for extended runs. You may also discover that short, quick repeats prepare you to handle when a bit of pain may kick in, without having to subject the body to multiple miles of hitting the pavement.

A perk of running is that it can be done virtually anywhere while running a mile means you can change up where you do it to keep things exciting and interesting. Maybe one day you may decide a park is worth exploring but the following day a greenway might be another option. If there is no path or track available, just make the terrain is flat.

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