Fight the Stink: How to Beat The Post-Run Odors

Fight the Stink: How to Beat The Post-Run Odors

by Eddie Suarez

Running is sweaty and dirty! We log mile after mile, sweating more and more, and creating the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive, causing a literal stink. These smells linger long after our run is over. Yes we can shower but what do we do about our clothes, shoes, and car seat? Yes the car seat soaks up that sweat too and sitting on a towel doesn’t help. As an aside, touch your seat next time you sit on a towel and you’ll see it’s damp at the very least. What can you do to battle the stink?

I do it with my Fight The Stink Kit (patent pending!)

First in my arsenal is Pace Line’s Sports Wash. It’s a portable shower in a spray bottle. This leaves me smelling clean and fresh when I can’t immediately jump in the shower. The spray on product works like magic. My Kit includes two small towels. The first I use to dry off my sweat. Then I liberally apply the spray onto my skin. Then use towel number two to wipe off the Sports Wash.

Second in line is the Seat Shield. This easy to install cover keeps my car seat dry and stink free. I just toss the Seat Shield into the wash after every handful of runs. In between runs, the Seat Shield is light and portable enough that it can be stashed under the seat and out of sight.


Third is 2Toms Stink Free Shoe Spray. Yep, the stinkiest part of running is our shoes. After many humid, sweaty runs, the stink in our shoes can knock out a full sized elephant. 2Toms Stink Free Shoe Spray can rid that stink with just a couple applications. I’ve taken shoes that I could not keep inside my apartment to a tolerable state in just 3 daily applications.

Finally, Pace Line’s Kit Wash keeps my technical clothing clean and fresh. Using traditional detergents to wash your technical clothes traps the scents into the fabric, plus over time it degrades the wicking properties. Pace Line’s Kit Wash is formulated to work its way into the fabric’s weave to get the smell out as well as restore the fabric’s ability to wick. Kit Wash is compatible with the High Efficiency Washers.

How do you battle the stink?

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