Employee Wellness Programs Are So Much More

Fun fact: Back in 1979, American multinational corporation Johnson & Johnson launched a health program dubbed “Live for Life” aimed at promoting, among other things, weight loss. After bestowing more than 30,000 pedometers to its employees, the company’s efforts resulted in reduced healthcare costs as well as a drop in absences.

Johnson & Johnson is just one of many major companies prioritizing employee health. Nowadays, half of U.S. companies provide a wellness program, and there is tons of research available reinforcing how these programs factor considerably in improving the bottom line and helping companies succeed. A recent post on the website Fast Company goes into considerable detail regarding wellness programs and how they integrate into an employee’s life beyond simply giving productivity a jolt. The article dives deep into how encouraging employees to set aside time for what they’re interested in and passionate about will result in a significantly healthier and not to mention a happier workforce.

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