Blister Prevention & Treatment

Blister Prevention & Treatment
by Tara Arismendy

The end of summer in South Florida means the running season is in full swing. As we move through this season, we are increasing miles and understanding the importance of having the right clothes, friends, hydration, and peace of mind. As our miles increase, so does what we ask of our bodies. Our feet, specifically, take a beating! We push our feet more and more and sometimes our feet push back. They turn to fire and blisters erupt on our toes, heels and everything between. Here we find ourselves shortening our runs or skipping a workout just to allow for some heeling time. But some of us signed on for this, for some it’s time with friends, and for others it’s to check an item off their bucket list. So how do we keep on track while our feet are screaming at us?


Shoes: Make sure you are fit for the proper shoes. If you get out there and your shoes are wrong take them back. Most specialty run stores can and will take back shoes that have little to no wear on them because they are runners too and understand what it is to not know how a shoe will fit until you’re out there. This is a note to those who think they are getting a deal online or at a big box dealer and end up getting stuck with a pair that you hate and worse makes you hate running. Don’t buy a shoe based on looks or because your friend told you it worked for them, we all have different feet. Base your choice on function, feel, and fit.

Socks: Socks are one of the easiest ways to prevent blisters. There are a lot of different sock styles to choose from. All very comfortable and though they are a little high in price they are worth every penny and last 10 times longer than your cotton socks. You can choose to wear a thicker sock like Thorlo or Balaga. If you prefer thin then Feetures or Asics might be the way to go. And then there are the Injinji toe socks, which is like having a sock for each toe! You will even find socks made with merino wool that not only wick away the sweat but also keep the feet stink at bay.


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Too late you got one. Now how do you deal with it? From just a little skin-tear to the throbbing puss filled ball, like Dennis in Run Fatboy Run, that you can’t believe even fits in your shoe. The question is to pop or not to pop? That is a personal preference and I can’t make that call for you. However there are many types of bandages that can provide relief so you can get back out there. Visco-GEL offers an assortment of little toe covers and bunion guards that can relieve the pressure or cover the skin to keep a blister from growing. Also there is 2nd Skin which offers a Dressing Kit and Blister Pads and can be refrigerated then applied for a temporary cooling relief from the pain. Whatever you choose, know that there are options for you. Visit your favorite local running store and talk to the staff. They’ll be able to guide you in the right direction.

Good Luck with your miles and see you out there…

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