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All Running Shoes Are Not Created Equal

By Eddie Suarez I hate Brooks! I only wear Nike! Asics made my calves sore! I love Saucony! We hear comments like this all the time from runners. But after


Did You Just Fartlek?

By Eddie Suarez This funny sounding word comes from our running friends over in Sweden. It combines the Swedish word fart meaning speed and the Swedish word lek meaning play


It’s All About That Bounce

by Tara Arismendy You’re out there. I see you. Bouncing along on your run or box jumping your way into pain and discomfort. STOP! Don’t do it anymore. You have


Why Not Bikram Running?

By Eddie Suarez Bikram Yoga is defined as a type of hatha yoga characterized by a set series of postures and breathing exercises, performed in a room heated to a


Blister Prevention & Treatment

by Tara Arismendy The end of summer in South Florida means the running season is in full swing. As we move through this season, we are increasing miles and understanding


Half-Marathon Training

Join our TeamFootWorks Half Marathon Training Program (13.1 mile) for a memorable experience that will change your life and how you view your health & fitness. Every year, individuals who


7 Reasons To Join A Training Program

by Eddie Suarez   Camaraderie Joining a training program will introduce you to others who have the same goal. You’re all aiming to complete a half or full marathon and


Fight the Stink: How to Beat The Post-Run Odors

by Eddie Suarez Running is sweaty and dirty! We log mile after mile, sweating more and more, and creating the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive, causing a literal stink.


World Problem Solver

By Karen Plaster As a former runner and now a walker, my walking mentor Martha says it’s not about whether you run or walk, it’s just about moving! Exercising your


Runners with a Drinking Problem – Hydration

By Tara Arismendy Ok so you have signed up for your marathon training and are out there logging your miles, some first timers and others are veterans. New or old