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Do You See What I See?

by Martha Moya I’m a walker. I love to walk. I’ve walked over 25 half-marathons. Walking is my pace. And while you runners are out there zipping past me and



by Eddie Suarez The Unwritten Rules of Running 1)   An event shirt cannot be worn until you have completed said event. 2)   Thou shall not wear one brand

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Garmin vs Smartphone Apps

by Eddie Suarez Take a look around and you’ll see runners tracking their workouts with either a Garmin or a smartphone app. Which is better? Should you spend the money

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The Tempo Run

By Eddie Suarez This week we’re taking a look at Tempo Runs. A tempo run is also known as a lactate threshold run. Leaving a lot of the science out

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All Running Shoes Are Not Created Equal

By Eddie Suarez I hate Brooks! I only wear Nike! Asics made my calves sore! I love Saucony! We hear comments like this all the time from runners. But after